During math class back in middle school, Barrett Eubanks, MD, MBA would only half pay attention to the teacher. Instead, he was captivated by his TI-83 calculator. In particular, how he could create new apps and games (mostly games) for his calculator. Although these games were pretty simple, it sparked the programming flame inside him.

He attended college at Cornell University with an intention to continue his career in programming by majoring in Computer Science. But this was in addition to also trying to major in Biology. Nobody told him that these two majors were difficult enough by themselves rather than trying to combine them together in a dual-major. In the end, Biology won out and he later went on to medical school to become a physician.

But his love of programming with the power to create useful solutions to life's problems with software never died. And so Cavern Code was born.

Cavern Code combines his passion for coding with other interests and activities in his life to help create software solutions to be shared with others.

Have questions or comments about what we do? Or perhaps you would love to see an app developed. Reach out to us at contact@caverncode.com.